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Welcome to TekGuard Online Guardian, the Internet Home for VInfo's TekGuard security products. This site provides valuable tools and information to protect your online security.

Feel free to browse the site and explore. This site is free to users for downloads and information.

Vector Information Systems, Inc

Our Outlook PlugIn Saves You Time.  Identify and eliminate incoming junk mail with our Outlook PlugIn. This Microsoft Outlook add-in works by itself or with EMail Interceptor. When used with either Enterprise or Personal Edition, Outlook PlugIn provides extra defense by eliminating annoying junk mail before it gets to your server.
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Announcing VInfo's EMail Interceptor, a Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) email service and software that fits between the outside world and your regular email server. EMail Interceptor acts as a front-end relay for SMTP email traffic before talking to your regular mail server. It filters incoming and outgoing emails before forwarding, filters incoming mail for spam, and  outgoing messages based on possible access restrictions (ex: prohibits sending personal emails). EMail Interceptor provides a web interface for configuration, monitoring and for reviewing blocked messages prior to deletion. Click to view the sample source code or go directly to the downloads.

EMail Interceptor


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