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Note: Spam with a Forged TekGuard.com Address

If you have received unsolicited email (“spam”) with TekGuard.com in the return address, the message was forged. We have had reports of Spam (ex: “Register for a Visa, vfpj@tekguard.com”) showing TekGuard.com in the return address. If you inspect the email headers, you will find that it did not come from any of our servers.

Unfortunately, at this time, the email protocol standard is so vulnerable that anyone can make an email look like it is coming from anyone - TekGuard.com, your address, or GWBush@Whitehouse.org. And there is nothing you or we can do to prevent that kind of forgery, often referred to as a “Joe Job”. The only thing you can do is inspect the email headers to see where it really came from.

VINFO's TekGuard Email Server and Outlook PlugIn are helping people like you fight Spam - so the spammers are attacking us. With your help, we can put them out of business.

Given that these spammers are using a forged return address, which is prohibited under the US CAN-SPAM act, we recommend boycotting any of the products that they promote.

Please feel free to contact us regarding this problem.




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